• You control the movie sound level through your car FM radio
  • Bring blankets, pillows and sleeping bags, mattresses and lie down in the back of your van, ute or car
  • Sit on outdoor chairs next to your car or on the grass in front of the huge screen
  • Bring a walkman or portable stereo so you can walk around and never miss the movie
  • No need for a babysitter, bring the kids and let them enjoy the show or fall asleep in the back seat!
  • No parking problems, drive right in and select your own car spot
  • Eat, drink and relax in your own car! Enjoy great hot food and movie munchies from our 50's diner
  • Come dressed any way you like

What movies will be playing the coming weeks?

The movie lineup is sometimes not finalised until the Monday or Tuesday prior to the coming weekend. This is because we want to play the best films available, taking into account their performance over the previous weekend.

Why are certain movies played together?

We try to screen two movies together with the same rating and that complement each other. The Film Distributors only permit certain movies to be screened together, so sometimes it is out of our control. We strive to screen all the major Hollywood blockbusters.

When is the Drive-In open?

7 nights per week.

What time do the gates open?

Gates open approx 45 minutes prior to Showtime.

On Friday and Saturdays the gates open at least an hour prior to Showtime.
It is best to arrive as early as possible on busy weekends when the weather is nice. Arrive early, find a good parking space, and enjoy the great outdoors & diner. If you don't like crowds please try coming on a weeknight.

What happens if it rains?
We operate in all weather conditions.

Do you have ATM facilities?
We have ATM facilities at the Diner, however there is no ATM at the ticket office, please bring cash.

I have a very tall vehicle, where should I park?
So you do not block the view of other vehicles you must park in the last few rows of each field.

Can I bring along a BBQ?
No, BBQ's are not permitted at the drive-in.

Is my dog/pet allowed at the drive-in?
Yes, you may bring your dog/pet as long as it is on a lead and with you at all times.

Can I bring my outdoor chairs?
Outdoor chairs & tables, rugs, mattresses, pillows etc are all permitted.
We require they be placed in front of your vehicle. They may be next to your vehicle on quiet nights. You can even back up your ute/car and sit in the back!

Can I remain in the drive-in after my movie finishes?
No, you must exit immediately as soon as the movie finishes. Within 5 minutes.

How do I listen to the sound?
You may listen to our traditional window speakers or tune to 99.9 FM for Field 1, 93.7 FM for Field 2 or 92.9 for Field 3 in FM stereo. Just tune your car stereo, and listen to the movie from the comfort of your own vehicle. Feel free to bring a battery operated portable radio with you, and listen from outside of your vehicle.